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BHSU alumni start website dedicated to nightlife

Anne Orban, Staff Writer

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Looking for things to do can be difficult and looking though Facebook pages to find the local bars did not update their status’ can be frustrating. On the flip side making sure Facebook statuses are up to date can be a hassle and can be put off by business owners. There must be a simpler way for both scenarios.

Markus Heinrich and Grant Holub, both Black Hills State University graduates, started a website that is dedicated to the nightlife. Their website gathers all of the information from different venues in the area and puts them up on a calendar which can be viewed from their site. The website also features videos and a blog in an effort to help advertise for the different venues.

In an interview with Heinrich he explained how is there to help both people looking for things to do and the venues they feature. An example of this as he explained would be if a person is looking at the website to find something out about the Z-bar and might notice that something exciting is going on another venue as well that they didn’t know about.

This can draw them to other places than what they would normally do. This helps the venues because, it diversities their patrons and bring in people that wouldn’t normally go there.

The website is targeted to the 21 and up audience and features many bars. There are different events that are posted that people under 21 can attend. These include events that happen at BHSU.

Although the website was a creative idea to find things to do, with everything new there were a few drawbacks. Heinrich said the hardest part about starting the website was getting the word out about it. However, both he and Holub thought of ways to spread the word. One way was making beer coasters that they could hand out to the different venues they sponsor.

Looking for things to do can be difficult, especially after a long day of work and class. Although the site advertises for mostly bars they remind everyone to “Drink responsibly and Get Social.” is there to make finding things to do easier as well as showing fun videos and blogs for feedback.

For any questions or comments on this site contact Markus Heinrich or Grant Holub at (605) 515-0383 or email at [email protected]

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BHSU alumni start website dedicated to nightlife