Holidays come too soon and last too long in retail stores

Christmas celebration doesn’t last for just a month in retail stores. Why do stores start selling holiday merchandise months before the holiday has even come? Does selling these items earlier really make the consumer happy?

More stores nowadays are selling holiday items months before the holiday season has even begun. Consumers find themselves frustrated and annoyed instead of excited for the celebration of Christmas.

For centuries, people have been enjoying the holiday season and all the cheer it has to bring. Now the Christmas holiday is lasting longer in retail stores, much to the dismay of many customers. Yet those sellers, for example Wal-Mart, are still setting up Christmas trees and decor in early October.

One of the only things that retail stores want is to boost their revenues. They feel the best way possible is to put out their product first so that the customer will buy from them. When in all reality those stores are just upsetting their customers.

Speaking to different customers uncovered a shocking response. One would think that all of the holiday things in a store would spread cheer to those customers. They would be happy and excited for that holiday to come.

Some said that they think they are seeing holiday items too fast and that it doesn’t allow them to focus on the current holiday at hand. Michaela Anderson, student at Black Hills State University and also a shopper in the Spearfish area, stated that the retailers are conditioning us to think ahead to the next holiday versus the holiday on hand. Christmas trees, ornaments, and stockings are all out the day after Halloween and Thanksgiving is basically forgotten. Right after Christmas is Valentine ‘s Day.

When retailers do this they are making a year fly by even faster than it needs to. A Watertown retail shopper at Wal-Mart, and Target, BHSU student,Laura Caron mentioned how it makes her sick to think about a holiday for too long. Also, how it doesn’t make her excited to decorate just about how retailers are only in it for the money.

Nathan Naasz, college student who shops at Wal-Mart and Kmart, felt that when the holiday items were out so early it just made him want to ignore the holiday even more, until it actually came that holiday season.

“Having Christmas items out before Halloween is over is too much. After, it’s fair game,” said Alyssa Shoemake, BHSU student and retail worker in Spearfish.

There are only a few ways to address this issue and retailers won’t change because they have to be competitive. One option is to wait until the Halloween is over to decorate or sell Christmas items. Stores could put the holiday section near the back of the store so it doesn’t bombard customers right away.

Christmas lasting for more than a month is a bit extreme for most customers. They always have and always will do what gets them the most sales versus happy customers. In this case retailers could learn a lot from listening to their customers. Bill Gates once said, “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”