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Brady Jones
Hello, Brady Jones here! I joined The Buzz FM as a summer DJ in 2014, and couldn't get enough of it. The following spring, I changed my major so I could becomemore involved in this field, and haven't looked back. I was offered the position of production director in the spring of 2015, and have greatly enjoyed my time spent at the station. As the station manager for the 2016-17 school year, I look forward to creating a community, first among our student DJsand secondly with the campus as a whole.

I am currently a seniorpursuing a Mass Communications degree with an emphasis in Telecommunications, and a minor in Business Administration. I will be graduating in May of 2017 (and only panic about that once a week). I have lived most of my life right here in Spearfish, graduating from Spearfish High School in 2013. Having grown up in the Black Hills, I have cultivated a deep appreciation for rocks, trees, and flannel. My other favorite thingsinclude reading/researching folklore and mythology,listening to a fewpodcasts, and making good stories with friends.

Brady Jones, Station Manager, KBHU Radio

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