Memories to Last a Lifetime

Jenna Carda, Assistant Editor

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The past four years at Black Hills State University have been filled with memories. From being new to the Black Hills as a freshman, to calling Spearfish home today — I wouldn’t trade the roller coaster of emotions if I had the choice.

Originally I began my college career with a business degree in mind. After finding out I was terrible at accounting and statistics, I decided to peruse a hobby — writing. It has been so wonderful going to classes that I enjoy, both in Public Relations and journalism and completing projects that I am proud of.

Dr. Caton-Rosser has been a huge influence in transforming my schooling with mass communications. She took the time to talk to me about being on staff as a proofreader. That then turned into the PR Coordinator the following semester and ultimately the Assistant Editor today.

Being a part of a media staff for the Jacket Journal and has been the most challenging — yet rewarding — group I have ever been a part of. The late nights editing, assignments to complete and fundraising on top of school work has been crazy, but it taught me a lot about myself — what I could handle and how to delegate work instead of overtaking everything.

The staff and faculty are wonderful, my friends are the best and I will truly miss BH. Don’t get me wrong, I am ecstatic to graduate and find a career in the field I love — but I will always have the memories, which will last me a lifetime.

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