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Student-run media of Black Hills State University. The Jacket Journal / KBHU-TV / KBHU 89.1 FM & KJKT 90.7 FM "The Buzz".

BHSU Media

Student-run media of Black Hills State University. The Jacket Journal / KBHU-TV / KBHU 89.1 FM & KJKT 90.7 FM "The Buzz".

BHSU Media

Black Hills State University’s student radio station, The Buzz, undergoes revamp

Black Hills State University’s student-run radio station, The Buzz, has recently undergone a revamp. After being short short-staffing the Spring 2023 semester, the station once again has a station manager along with staff that works in production, music and outreach. 


The Buzz provides an outlet for students to share their music and host shows. The station began broadcasting in 1974 and has since given students from all majors and backgrounds the opportunity in broadcast media. Although the station has been running for several years, last year the station became stagnant due to lack of staff. 


Being short staffed meant the station was maintained with little growth. New music was not able to be added consistently which led to a stale on-air presence. Starting in the Fall 2023 semester the station gained more staff, a new faculty advisor and a new station manager. The station is undergoing a major revamp. 


The new station manager, Annalina Scalise, has stepped into the role after spending time as a DJ during her first year of college and then as outreach director the following year. Being involved with the station since her freshman year, Scalise has learned what the station’s needs are. She has always had a passion for music and the radio station on campus. 


“I was able to take the music that I was listening to and put it on air,” Scalise said. “Something I was always so confident about was the music I listened to.” 


Scalise has a passion for sharing music with others and that led to her devotion to keep the station going. When she walked into the station for the first time, she was excited to have something she cared about. 


“The minute I stepped into the station I was like ‘this is a game changer,’” Scalise said.


During the Spring 2023 semester Scalise was studying abroad and the other staff were graduating. The faculty advisor at the time had new ideas with no one to execute them. 


“We were just very unsure as to what was going to happen with the radio station,” Scalise said. 


After coming back to campus, one of her goals was to become the station’s manager. While studying abroad there were only two staff who were co-managing the station. A new software system had been implemented to get new music on the station which slowed things down initially. There were several learning curves for everyone involved. 


“We were getting a new system and we didn’t have a ton of DJs,” Scalise said. 


Since the beginning of the Fall 2023 semester, The Buzz is fully staffed, and more students have shown interest in the station. With the increase in staff the radio station will now be able to focus on updating the music that is aired. One of the new goals for the station is to implement a “hot clock” so that the radio is structured and plays a variety of music throughout the day. Some other goals include updating music, finding new music consistently and getting more students involved.


“This is a campus radio station, and it should be connected to the campus,” Scalise said. “My goal is to get more students involved whether they are being DJs or giving song suggestions.” 


The station has been an aspect of BHSU that lacks popularity but gives students a platform. Student awareness of the station is a first step in growing the station. Several students across campus are unaware of The Buzz. 


“I like that it’s a hidden gem, but it shouldn’t be,” Scalise said. 


The station typically plays less mainstream, more alternative music and Scalise encourages listeners to go to The Buzz as a source for new music. 


“I want people to care about it, even though people now have Spotify and Apple Music and that [the station] isn’t just a backup but a go to,” Scalise said. 


When students play their music on air, it allows them to share a part of their personality. The voice of the station comes from the students. When students play music during one of their shows, they get to tell part of their story.


“It’s not just music, it’s the person that’s sharing it, and that gives it personality,” Scalise said. 


The station needs students to not only succeed, but to make the station what it is. Listening to The Buzz offers a way to discover new music and break out of a regular playlist. By having several different DJs playing music across genres, The Buzz listeners are exposed to a variety of music genres. 


Currently, there are several weekly shows that listeners can tune into locally or listen to online at