Graphic Designers Face Off in Annual Competition


Virginia Spotwood

BHSU students, staff and alumni came together for the Design Jam Oct. 22 in the Jacket Legacy Room.

Graphic designers had the opportunity to perform their craft in front of a crowd Oct. 22. The American Advertising Federation of the Black Hills hosted the third annual student Design Jam at Black Hills State University. The competition awarded prizes for the top three designers.

Nearly 70 students and faculty gathered in the Jacket Legacy Room for the Design Jam. Judges gave nine BHSU student competitors ten minutes to create an assigned graphic design project.

The work was projected in front of the crowd and judged by three local artists. Dustin Hinson, President of the American Advertising Federation of the Black Hills, said the Design Jam is a good exercise for the students.

“Rather than sitting down in a cubicle like most designers end up having to, they’re actually in front of the audience and getting projects done really fast. And the other thing that’s happening is aside from just moving in program and getting designs done, they’re really having ideas faster which is a lot of what we can’t — train them to do in classes,” said Hinson.

The students competed in three rounds and one winner was chosen from each. Three finalists designed a poster for a wheelbarrow race in the final showdown. The top three contestants received prize packages from BHSU and local marketing company Jackalope.

BHSU junior Bailey Sadowsky won first place followed by Shandell Clutter in second and Sean Sutton in third.