MAC Helps Students Succeed with Math

Mathematics is a subject that makes some people cringe, but for others, math is fun. For those who struggle with math, the Math Assistance Center is the perfect place to go.

The MAC helps students better understand math and succeed in difficult courses. It helps basic and advanced math students. Allison Deal, a math assistant at the center, said the most asked questions regarding math are in pre-college algebra, college algebra, calculus, statistics, trigonometry and quantitative literacy.

Eleven students work at the MAC, and nine of them are part of the Math Club. Kate Griffen, a junior majoring in Exercise Science and Applied Health Science, is a MAC tutor. Griffen said she likes to help with pre-college algebra, college algebra and intro to statistics, though her favorite area is statistics. She said it’s best if students come in regularly because problem areas cannot be fixed in one day.

“There really are no dumb questions,” said Griffen.

The MAC has been around since 2006 and students who use it have generally found it helpful. When Lacy Laird attended BHSU in 2008, she struggled with math but said that with the help of the MAC, she was able to pass her required math courses.

“It was years ago, but I was in there a lot. I remember working on one of those problems that takes an entire page to work … those helping out always did their best to help explain how to do whatever you were working on,” said Laird.

Sarah Adams, a senior math major who can help with Pre-College Algebra and College Algebra, also works in the MAC. Adams said the busiest time for the MAC is right before tests, so it is important to come in often if students are struggling.

Dr. Dan May, assistant professor of mathematics, praised the MAC and the students working there.

“The math mentors we have this year are very, very good … it’s cool that there’s always someone there to help,” said May.

He said the MAC is a good resource for students to use.

The MAC has computers for students to work on, though students can bring their own computers if they wish. There are a wide variety of books in the MAC that students can also to use for help. Although it is called the Math Assistance Center, students who are struggling with math in science classes like chemistry, biology and others can come in for help as well. The MAC has practice exams and answer keys for students.

No appointment is necessary to use the MAC. Hours are Monday through Thursday 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Friday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. They are closed on weekends. The MAC is located in the library between the information desk and the Writing Assistance Center,