Black Hills State University Recreational Sports Adds Bubble Soccer To Program

Alyx Penrod, Contributing Writer

Black Hills State University Recreational Sports officially added bubble soccer to their program last Thursday at the university.

The recreational sports program expanded quickly in the past year after gaining a new rec sports director. BHSU Rec Sports not only wanted to expand in student participation, but the program is determined to add new sports to increase their variety of activities.

Tina Andreana was excited to announce the new addition of bubble soccer to their program last Thursday. It is a sport involving people in inflatable, clear balls while playing soccer. Bubble Soccer trended over from Europe to the United States and is proven successful in other recreational programs.

According to Andreana, BHSU recreational sports director, she is hoping that the addition of bubble soccer will add more versatility to the type of student who is normally involved in rec sports. She also hopes that the addition of the new sport will draw in more students who were not interested in rec sports before.

While staying true to the BHSU rec sport mission statement, Andreana hopes that rec sport involvement will continue to increase in school based activities.

BHSU rec sports plans to still offer the traditional rec sports such as basketball, flag football, and volleyball.