23rd annual Black Hills Research Symposium goes online

23rd annual Black Hills Research Symposium goes online
Photo taken By Samantha Rider

Black Hills State University has helped host and participate in the Black Hills Research Symposium for several years. This year, the Symposium looked a little different but will be hosted
by BHSU yet again.

The 23rd BH Research Symposium is an event where instructors, graduate and undergraduate students are able to showcase their research. Because of COVID 19, some changes had to be made to keep everyone safe this year.

“Normally it is live, like in person…” Dr. Ashley Pfeiffer, Co-Chair of the BH Research Committee, explained. “This year because of COVID, we went online.”

According to Dr. Pfeiffer, students and instructors would present their work to a panel of personnel. The panel would then critique the work and offer some suggestions to the groups and or the students and instructors in their research efforts. In the event, students would be able to view each other’s work and show their work to the public.

Photo taken By Samantha Rider

“So basically, it’s going to be on the BHSU YouTube channel, where we’re going to have the poster presentation and the oral presentations, where they’re going to have their videos running.” Pfeiffer continued. The channel has the ability for students, instructors and the community to view the presentations just as before but within a safe environment. “It’s a good way one for them to get feedback from other people and secondly, a great way for others to see the work done at BHSU.”

Some of the projects presented were things like the psychology with the Special Olympics and managing lower back pain. In fact, BH-SU’s own Associate Professor, Gina Gibson showcased her own work from within the Stanford Labs.

Not only did the BH Research Symposium have plenty to show, but also featured two keynote speakers, Dr. Nancy Babbitt and Dr. Shankar Kurra, to talk about everything COVID. Both speak-
ers have played major roles in aiding the fight against COVID 19 and helping with the vaccine rollout.

Be sure to check out the BHSU YouTube channel to view the presentations.