ABC’s The Bachelor Tries His Luck at Love in Deadwood

Amy Varland

The cast and crew from ABC’s reality dating show “The Bachelor” filmed an episode last October inside the Saloon #10 on Deadwood Main Street. In this season of “The Bachelor,” Chris Soules, dubbed “Prince Farming,” looked for his soulmate and took a gamble on love in Deadwood.

Part-owner and Saloon #10 General Manager Louie LaLonde said Soules and others from the reality show’s cast and crew showed up, set up props and equipment, and began shooting footage in front of the fireplace, in the black jack area, and by the rooftop fire pit.

LaLonde said it didn’t take long for Prince Farming and his date to get things heated up.

“This girl encouraged him to get up on top of the Brunswick bar, which is a thirty foot, hundred-plus year old Brunswick bar, and dance,” said LaLonde.

Those must have been some dance moves – LaLonde said they will leave a lasting impression.

“Well the bar cracked. And if only all of us could have seen the looks on their faces when it cracked because they jumped down — and quickly I’m sure. But we were able to fix the bar, no problem,” said LaLonde.

LaLonde says the staff has a special name for that crack.

“It’s our own memory of what we went through when we had the opportunity to have the Bachelor come to the Saloon #10, and it was very exciting. And like everybody’s been saying — will love be found at the #10? Did he find his girl and his real love here in the #10? So many people have — did Chris Soules?” said LaLonde.

LaLonde said she and her bar staff were largely kept in the dark about plot details, so they too were excited to watch the episode to see if love was in the cards for Prince Farming during his visit to Deadwood.

Black Hills State University public relations major Stephanie Oxford said she’ll be watching.

“I’ve been a fan of The Bachelor for years. I’m excited to see Deadwood portrayed on national TV,” said Oxford.

There was a viewing party of this episode of The Bachelor at the Saloon #10 in Deadwood on February 9th at 6 p.m. The event was open to the public.