Activision releases new Call of Duty

Gamers now have the opportunity to finally get there hands on the next title in the Call of Duty franchisea��Call of Duty: Ghosts. Equipped with 14 maps and seven new multiplayer modes, Ghosts has a few other expected additions. Features include “Create-A-Soldier” and the Call of Duty app. This highly anticipated first-person-shooter will also contain more perks than ever and return to strike packages such as assault, support and specialist loadouts’like those seen in Modern Warfare 3.

Mark Rubin, executive producer at Infinity Ward, recently announced that Ghosts will also “feature dedicated servers for PC as well as online multiplayer on current and next-generation consoles,” as confirmed on and

Scott Lowe, a writer for, has already questioned Activision in regards to the capability to select matches by servera��as of Oct. 7 he was awaiting their response.

IGN also shared that Rubin has confirmed that Ghosts will still have player-hosted matches and that “the matchmaking system will place players in matches that have the best combined overall connectivity performance.”

Pre-ordering Call of Duty: Ghosts rewards buyers with a bonus map “Free Fall,” a close quarters map in which combat occurs on a damaged skyscraper. The environment collapses throughout the match resulting in route disturbance and sightline changes.

According to GameSpot, Ghosts is “on track to be the most pre-ordered title this year” and was set to drop Nov. 5 for Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Wii U. Next generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles are scheduled to follow next month.