BHSU Jacket Zone Presents ‘Skippyjon Jones’ During Weekly Children’s Story Time


Taylor RowellA�, Graphic Design Assistant

The Black Hills State University Jacket Zone in Spearfish held their weekly Children’s Story Time event for families on Oct. 7. 

The ‘Children’s Story Time’ events generally last an hour per session. It is a fun opportunity for families to visit, rest and listen to a story and then make some crafts. Everyone gathers to the story time area of the store. Some parents begin to read their children a story while waiting for the event to begin while Disney music plays on the television above. 

The story ‘Skippyjon Jones – Snow What’ by Judy Schachner was read during the main event. BHSU student and Jacket Zone employee, Ashley Ireland, read the story to the children. She energized the characters and let the children interact with the environment in the story. 

An arts and crafts activity is taught to the children afterward. The craft subject relates to the book that was just read to them. The whole group of kids took turns combining baking soda with shampoo and glitter. The combination formed “snow” that will never melt. Ireland helped portion out the snow to each family group and they made their own unique snowmen. Everyone seemed pleased with how they turned out. 

A Skippyjon Jones video of this same story played on the television while the children celebrated their creations with fruit snacks and crackers. 

The BHSU Jacket Zone holds this hour-long event every Saturday from 10 to 11 a.m. and welcomes everyone who wants to attend. The business is located on 617 N Main St. in Spearfish. The story and activities change every week.