Black Hills State University Veterans Center Receives New Make Over

Molly Hillenius , Contributing Writer

The Veterans Center at Black Hills State University got a new makeover. The start of this project happened in December 2013 and was completed on April 14, 2014. Thanks to the Veteran Service of Higher Education grant of 75,000 dollars this project was made possible.

The new and improved center includes, new flooring, fresh paint, a kitchen area, conference tables, shelving, and storage units. It can also seat up to 40 people so that’s important for hosting guest speakers for the on-campus clubs for the student vets here on campus.

A celebration happened at Black Hills State for the reopening of the Veterans Center on September 24, 2014, where people got to see what improvements were made.

The Veterans Center provides a place for student vets to socialize with other student vets, to hold meetings, or just to study between classes. The center is a safe place for young student veterans to hang out and feel like they are apart of the college experience.

Black Hills State University has been ranked for Best for Vets for four-year colleges and not to mention the Military Times 2014 named it one of the best business schools for vets for 2 years.

So if your student vet and need a place to meet new friends who are like you, or you need a place just to hang out and study check out the new and improved Veterans Center. It’s located downstairs in the Student Union, right next to Club Buzz.