Consumers Change Market Demand in the United States

Farmers make up only two percent of the Unites States population. These are the people who feed and clothe the world. No matter what they produce, they are all trying to adapt to the changing consumer market demand. 

Organic, free-range and genetically modified organism-free are just a few of the buzzwords that are often talked about on advertisements and food labels. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, organic sales reached over $35 billion in 2014 alone. 

About 97 percent of farmers from across the country are doing what they love because of a family tradition, based on a study completed by the USDA. The market today has greatly changed from what one’s parents, grandparents and even great-grandparents are used to. The savvy labels, large “GMO-Free” stickers and organically labeled aisles are visually intriguing for consumers who are not fully aware of what this terminology means.  

Additional consumers who are even further removed from the family farm will cause bigger issues for the future of agriculture. Consumers who use these organically certified products claim they are better for their health overall. Genetically Modified Organisms have been tested since 1995 and there is no scientific evidence to determine that GMOs have caused any negative side effects to human health. So why is this such a huge demand? 

Monitored strictly by the USDA, organic foods have come to be demanded in many restaurants and grocery stores because consumers want it, but there isn’t enough production to always keep up with these demands. Farmers cannot just produce the same amount as they do using GMO’s because there is not any treatment done to these products to aid in their growth. With the recent federal government passing a bill on GMO labeling, consumers need to educate themselves before grabbing that fancy label. 

Growing up on a family farm, it’s evident that farmers work tirelessly every day to aid in the production of the most wholesome and nutritious food available. Farmers eat this food too, and feed it to their families. Only receiving 16 cents of every dollar spent on food according to the American Farm Bureau Federation, it is important for farmers to find ways to make a living, which is why GMOs have been crucial in the agriculture industry. People think that genetically modified corn, soybeans and other crops cause harm to human health, but where are they getting these facts? Farmers eat the same food that consumers eat, and they truly care about the food they produce.  

The changing agriculture market does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Having educated consumers is what will make the true difference. It does not matter if a farmer produces organic fruit or GMO corn, each of them play a huge role in the daunting task of feeding the world. Consumers are meant to cause change, and it’s important to adapt to that change. It is also important to educate yourself before making any decision.