Deadwood May Introduce Craps and Roulette

Dustie M. Clements, Contributing Writer

Craps and roulette have not been allowed in Deadwood before but voters will get the chance to decide if these games will be allowed into casinos this November.

Gambling is one of the main attractions in Deadwood. There are positives and negatives aspects of gambling that these voters will have to consider. Some people can become addicted to gambling and lose everything they have.

Gambling in Deadwood provides a large source of income for the town. It provides jobs and brings tourists to the region. Mineral Palace card dealer

“The Black Hills offers a number of attractions for tourists, and Deadwood has always been among them, but revenue is down, and something new should happen to bring life back to this historic site” Clements said.

Craps and roulette would be that something new for Deadwood. According to Clements, people playing at the tables have requested that the games be added to casinos. Casinos in other states have craps and roulette and that makes it difficult for Deadwood to compete. Some employees in casinos, according to Clements, are hoping that the two popular games are voted in so that business will be as good as it was 10 years ago.

Roulette has been popularized in movies and craps is a simple game that requires only a pair of dice. Adding those two games would seem like a small decision and some say the general consensus is that it will be a clear decision. Not only would it provide more variety at the tables but they could possibly provide more revenue too.

“Tourism is big in Deadwood and this is a good way to bring in tax revenue,” Clements said.

Although there are sure to be voters against the change, some say bringing craps and roulette to Deadwood is a good idea and could help increase revenue.