“Greys Anatomya�� Slows Down After Season 10

Joshua Bruce, Contributing Writer

Twelve seasons of Grey’s Anatomy later, and here we are stuck in an awkward abyss of “what’s going on” and “are they going to have a finale soon?” As a longtime fan, I can personally and confidently say I think the show’s heart rate is dropping. There are still many great aspects that are special and unique, but imagining this wonderful show turning into a never ending soap opera is truly a nightmare. Should they continue on, or quit while they’re ahead?

Frankly, this is up to the audience. As long as there are dedicated fans like myself, Grey’s Anatomy will most likely continue to air until the last of the original characters are long gone and there is a completely new story.

Despite being a show that can generate countless stories and never-ending plots, Grey’s has lost its luster. The downward spiral began with the departure of beloved character Christina Yang. The captivating relationship between major characters Meredith Grey and Yang were what brought in many fans of today. I suppose all good things must come to an end at some time. Perhaps all together?

Actors who have been around since Season One are beginning to leave the show one by one. In Season 11: Episode 21, Derek Shepard was killed off with a sudden car accident, which was a silly way for a primary character to go out. That being said, the audience could sense it was coming. For a greater portion of season 11, Shepard was scarcely included in episodes, which lead to audience suspicion. I feel they should have ended the show after Yang left because it was never going have that same flame, although her departure let the focus lie on Grey and Shepard’s’ great love.

Then Shepard died.

Now the show is in a limbo of nonsensical storylines, confusion, and has an almost “thrown in the towel” sort of atmosphere.

According to IMDb, Grey’s is standing at a 7.7/10 rating — a rating that has dropped significantly from past seasons. So should they allow the flat-line to sound or should they keep performing CPR? As a die-hard fan of 12 years, as much as I look forward to a therapeutic Thursday night of Grey’s Anatomy, I do not want to see this show turn into something awful. I say do not resuscitate.