How To Become Better Filmmaker

Joshua Bruce, Contributing Writer

First impressions are everything in this world. Some people get to exercise their creative minds and test themselves to prove who they are to someone else. In the film industry, there are nothing but impressions to be made. In that first scene and during that first spoken line, this will set the tone for the whole movie.

Staying consistent is key. It can’t be that part of a film is amazingly spectacular while other parts linger in the back, struggling to stay afloat in the spotlight. Don’t be mislead, it’s always good to go 100 percent if you can, but judging has to be done regarding budget, experience, talent and so on. The composition has to be fluid or it falls short.

Do research on what you want to get out of this video. Camera angles, of course, are most important for making scenes of any sort desired. The slightest placement change can make the difference between mediocre and professional. This means planning out shots accordingly. There is no sense in wasting time on set figuring out what you want to do next when they can already be drawn up.

Ideas – this is where the fun begins. The whole creative process is enjoyable but creating the actual story is where the magic begins. This is where a story can be compelling and reach to the hearts of millions, a story where you bring personal values into a bright light. A story that can change lives and move people. These stories start with an original idea or experience. There’s no use in going to search for inspiration to see what you like. It’s more fruitful for the mind if ideas start straight away with one mind. Once an idea has been thought of and it has taken off is when you can start drawing inspiration from others.

Everything has come together and it’s time to starting creating the actual film. The final thing needed is the talent. This is one of the most crucial parts of any film. The talent brings the film to life. That is why it’s so important to choose wisely. A dull actor will dull the film. But with the right one, your film could be something magical. Go through a screening project. Contact someone you know right away that would be good for the part. Coach talent on what the goal is. Film is a combination of composition and talent choice.

Filmmaking is an exciting part of life that has entertained people for generations and you can become a part of that creating process. It all comes down to composition, fresh ideas, choosing your talent and making it come to life.