Major updates happening in Jonas Hall

New tile put into the first floor of Jonas Hall during the summer of 2013.

Ashley Grable, Visual Editor

Jonas Hall has seen some major updates throughout the 2013-2014 school year. These include new tile and new desks in the classrooms.

Over the last summer the tile in Jonas was replaced as well as the doors in the north entry. Next summer they will focus on retiling second and third floor and the stairwells. The tiling has been in Jonas since the 1960s so the renovations are considered standard updates that were much needed.

Another update that most students noticed when they came back for school in the fall was the new desks.

Randy Culver, the Associate Director of Facilities Services said, “We are trying to get away from the small work area.”

These new desks are not bolted together and have a much larger workspace than the old tablet armchair style desks. All of the classrooms in Jonas will be updated. The exception is Jonas 305 since it is an auditorium style classroom.

The old desks are still on campus but they are being sold.

“You see them. They’re in a pile on the hill” said Culver.

The Office of Procurement Management is working on selling the old desks on EBay. There are so many extra desks that they are only being sold in lots of 20.

Other projects to be done in Jonas in the coming summer include electrical upgrades, but nothing is confirmed. They do plan on renovating the entire Jonas Science wing. Funds for this project will come from donations from Denny Sanford and the University.

The next big project that Black Hills State University is heading towards is the new Residence Hall, Crow Peak Hall. They opened bids for the project last week and the hall is scheduled to open in the fall of 2015.