Media Brainwashing Efforts Spiral Into Millennial Meltdown

Laura Elshire

Waiters strolled around the room with their heads held high, handing wine glasses to the guests, in what was going to be the celebration of all time.

The nation was about to elect its first woman President. But it didn’t. The smug celebratory looks on the faces of the media and their followers soon turned sour and dismal, and it wasn’t because the wine was pungent. Florida had just been called for Donald Trump.

What happened? The media told the world that Trump would never win the vote of the American public. So, how could this be? How did Donald Trump, a hard-hitting businessman, become President?

Mr. Trump won by the very ideology he lives by; pull no punches, hit hard, go for the throat and waste no time in doing so.

Ironically, the media lost by the ideology they have now aspired to; frame a story, throw in some lies, and finally, repeat the lies until they are accepted as a truth. Brainwashing 101.

It seems as if the media knew all along that the chances of Trump being elected president were great. So, they quickly formulated a game plan to smear Trump. They instilled fear into the minds of impressionable voters who didn’t take the time to look at the facts for themselves. The media sent a subdued message. It suggested that the world would plummet into the pits of hell, if their presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, was not elected.

Because of the media, one of the greatest heists in history occurred on Nov. 8, 2016.

Emotions were stolen and played upon. The media decided to dig up anything they could to make Trump look bad. The stories were filled with a lot of drama and the soap opera followers ate it up.

The media viciously shouted “Trump hates immigrants”, “Trump hates women”.

When those puffs of smoke were seen as the faade of lies that they are, the media mafia played what they thought would be their winning card, “Trump is a racist”.

Trump rebuked democrats for stifling the growth of minority communities. Does that make him a racist? Trump wants people to live in a country that is governed by law and order. America must insist that immigrants come in through the front door and not slide in the back door. Do these ideals make Trump deserving of such hateful labels?

The media was losing its grip on the war they had waged on society. They refused to listen to the majority. The public had been losing respect for the media for quite some time and what little respect remained, was completely lost in the end. The media made fools out of their following.

Because of the media’s plan to brainwash a susceptible society, we now get to see temper tantrums being thrown all across the country. It’s never a pretty sight to see a two year old throw a tantrum and seeing adults do it is even uglier.I guess it’s safe to say their cradles have been rocked by the election.

The American public witnessed the media taking off their sheep’s clothing to reveal blood-thirsty wolves. The stakes were high and every underhanded trick that could be played was played. The fight was ugly, bitter and bloody right up to the final call.

Trump wins Pennsylvania. Game over.

The media was a huge player in this election. They thought that if they could present Trump as a monster, then Clinton would surely win the election. They tried to brainwash people into thinking that the majority would not elect an energized entrepreneur who would listen to the people and work for the people. But that is exactly what the majority of Americans desired.

The media failed in their efforts to elect Hillary Clinton. It turns out that the public was much smarter than the media gave them credit for. The media tried to silence America. But, the voices of the people were finally heard at the polls.

Waiters now strolled around the room with their heads hung low. The guests mindlessly ran their fingers around their wine glasses. There would be no celebration tonight.

And this is how one of the greatest heists in history occurred.