“Nightcrawlera�� Movie Has Worldwide Audiences on the Edge of Their Seats

Robyn Hynes

As if video recording brutal urban crimes for pay and fame wasn’t creepy enough, Jake Gyllenhaal brings the psychotic, demented character Lou Bloom to life on the silver screen – terrifying audiences across the world.

Gyllenhaal has a good shot at winning awards this upcoming year with his astounding performance in the drama-thriller movie, “Nightcrawlera��, that was released Halloween night, 2014. Nightcrawler received 8.4 stars out of 10 on IMDb.

In the movie Gyllenhaal plays Lou Bloom, an unemployed sociopath bent on the idea of success. He begs for jobs and lives a monotone lifestyle. Constantly rejected by society, he comes upon a car accident and discovers his true passion — crime scene videography. Lou Bloom refuses to let anyone stand in his way of his dreams?.

In Nightcrawler, Gyllenhaal delivers one of his best performances to date, topping a similar dark role in Enemy and Prisoners. Gyllenhaal emits the perfect balance of charisma, humor, and horror. The dialogue for Lou Bloom was perfect throughout the movie, with each line shocking the audience even more than the last.

The visual effects of Nightcrawler matched Gyllenhaal’s performance flawlessly. When scenes were slow, the action and light matched the scene. The high speed chases had viewers on the edge of their seats. The director knew exactly how to lure in the eyes of the audience by using quick clips and having a red, muscular vehicle driving at top speed through the city of Los Angeles.

The car chase scene will go down in history as one of the most action packed movie clips since Transporter. Don’t let the action scenes make you think that this movie is only action, though a large portion of it is. The movie definitely fits the “thrillera�� genre and sets the bar for movies in 2015.

The storyline of the movie is alluring and includes a lot of personal mystery as well as the mystery involved in the crimes Lou Bloom (Gyllenhaal) is filming.. The movie shows what crime videography and being a reporter in a major city can be like, and the desperation that comes with getting the good stories and shots in on time.

The producers and screenwriters could have taken a few more artistic liberties towards the end of the movie. A more shocking end to the movie may have left viewers talking about the movie for months, or even years. Though the end had surprise elements in it, the screenwriter could have killed off a main character or two.

Gyllenhaal is sure to be nominated for many awards, perhaps even an Oscarfor his performance in the movie Nightcrawler.