No Bull Dinners Offers Vegetarian Cuisine for Spearfish Community

Alison Turner

No Bull Dinners has been providing nutritious meals for the Spearfish community since January 2015.

No Bull Dinners cook meat-free meals with “fresh, healthy ingredients.” Certain meals prepared use no egg or dairy products. No Bull Dinners prepare meals in a S.D. Department of Health licensed kitchen and is owned by Vicky Hogrefe.

“I love preparing healthy, fresh, delicious, meat-free meals for busy people that would prefer to spend their time doing something other than planning meals, buying groceries, and cooking,” said Hogrefe.

Plant-based diets can help prevent diabetes, lower blood pressure, and reduce chances of developing cardiovascular disease according to U.S. News Health. These veggie-rich diets are also thought to help prevent cataract and macular degeneration.

Meals offered by No Bull Dinners vary from Mexican lasagna to vegetable stew. Meals can be frozen up to 3 months for later use. Nutritional information will be available soon for customers. The first meal ordered is free and every meal after is $25, which includes delivery. Each meal is delivered Wednesday to any home or office in the area. Discounts are offered when ordering multiple meals at a time. Gift certificates can be purchased as well.

Call Vicky Horgrefe at 760-803-3105 or visit her website to order No Bull Dinners and for more information.