Oculus Rift Helps Out With More Than Just Gaming Community

Ryan Harrison

The Oculus Rift is a device that was originally created to make virtual reality gaming possible. When the Oculus Rift first made its prototype appearance the only thing in mind was that it would be used for was gaming. The thought of virtual reality gaming was something that no one thought would ever be possible. But with the help of the Oculus Rift virtual reality gaming is something that isn’t far in the future. Though the Oculus Rift was originally made for virtual reality gaming there is still much more that it can do.

One of the big things that the Oculus Rift is trying to promote is online education. The creators of the Oculus Rift are trying to make it so that students that may not be able to make it to classes on certain days or students that are doing online classes can still participate in class like they were really there. With the Oculus Rift connected to some form of internet and a class room having something like a web cam in it. It will allow the students to participate and act like they are in the actual class room. When asked about how this would affect students studies Jon Fuller said “I think this is a great idea, I mean with kids that are at home that can’t come to school because of an illness or something along those lines. I think this would be something that would still make is so those kids feel connected with school, and also the friends that they might not be able to see anymore.”

Though virtual reality gaming and online studies are something people are looking forward too. There is still another another thing that the creators of the Oculus Rift want to use it for, it is something big and also something that can help save lives. The use of the Oculus Rift to help medical students practice surgery in a virtual reality setting is something that could be used to help out the students greatly. If a student was to experience all of the same effects in a virtual reality environment and also have all of the same outcomes of the real world. It would allow the students to practice more and more until they got it down. So when the real life scenario came up they would be more prepared. This was a great topic to talk about with Clint Mrnak with a strong voice of opinion, he mentioned. “I have no idea what it takes to be a doctor, or nurse or anything along those lines. But what I do know is that it has to be hard work and the more you practice the better you will be at something. And why not let students practice on a fake person until they are comfortable to do it in real life. I think it would make them more prepared, and more confident. And that is what I want in a doctor.”

When the Oculus Rift was first presented it was mainly about the gaming community. But throughout the few years that it has been around there have been many possibilities for its uses. This was just a few of the many that have been talked about recently, and there is sure to be more coming in the future.