Sigma Tau Gamma creates diverse college experience

Madison Pankratz, Content & Copy Editor

The “college experience” is a term with many different associated connotations. For some, the term is derived from a life of partying, sleeplessness and socialization. For others, it portrays a hard working student focused on intense studying and preparation. However distant these viewpoints may be, most can agree that college is a time of self discovery and growth.

Black Hills State University offers many opportunities to connect with other students to aid in this development of the “college experience.” Amongst many student-led organizations is the Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity.

Originating back to World War One, Sigma Tau Gamma emerged out of a group of military men bonded together by the turmoil of war. In 1920 the organization only existed in Missouri, however, over time it began to grow all across the nation. By 1928, a Missouri man brought Sigma Tau Gamma to BHSU.

Today, Sigma Tau Gamma sponsors many events on and off campus, giving students more opportunities to build friendships.

Zachery Lange, Community Chair of Sigma Tau Gamma, said, “My favorite part of being involved with Sigma Tau Gamma is the friendships I have made since I have joined. Personally, joining Sigma Tau Gamma made college an easy transition and it has kept me focused on my school work. It feels good to know that I am making a difference on campus and in the community by being a part of Sigma Tau Gamma.”

“We have a unique opportunity in making nationwide connections, not just with students but with other Greek members, young and old. We get real life business experiences and many travel opportunities,” fraternity member Jason Schneider said. Sigma Tau Gamma engages students by putting on fun events that everyone can come to, even if they don’t like ‘us’ or the idea of Greek life. We try to be as fun-loving and                  easy-going as possible.”

Sigma Tau Gamma has hosted a variety of events so far this year. Ranging from “Pie A Sigma Tau” to campus green hangouts, Sigma Tau has made their presence very clear on campus.

In addition to being present on campus, Sigma Tau Gamma has worked to incorporate the community as much as possible.

“We want students to engage with the Spearfish community and their college not just during the week but weekends as well. We want to foster an environment of inclusion while providing safe, nondiscriminatory fun. We want to give back to the community because they support us in everything we do in Spearfish,” Schneider said.

Community and campus involvement aid in recruiting potential fraternity members.

According to Lange, “Becoming a Brother of Sigma Tau Gamma is a very rewarding process. Recruiting Coordinator Nolan Hoback is always available at 605-553-6186.  After that we have certain steps that we take to see if that person is fit to become a brother.”

For more information about Sigma Tau Gamma, contact Recruiting Coordinator Nolan Hoback, follow their social media accounts or attend their upcoming Halloween dance on Oct. 31 at Bessler’s Cadillac Ranch.