Snow Day Worries Thing of the Past


Seasons come and change everyone knows that fall turns into winter in winter it is common to have mountains of snow on your door step with extra layers and a car that is extremely cold in the mornings. Beside the fact that snow is cold and wet that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. With the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer it is common for people to suffer with seasonal depression and lack of sunlight.

Throughout the seasons there is always those special things that make up for the fact that you cannot do what you enjoy to do during other seasons. Such as in the summer months it’s always a fan favorite to go to the beach while in the fall it’s common to go jumping into a pile of leaves. That leaves us with the winter what to do?

It is simple to get discouraged about the lack of sunshine available during the colder months ready or not here it comes! With heaps of snow and colder temperatures and finding yourself indoors more it is found people are spending time indoors more. What would be more fun then find new and exciting things to do with your day?

First thing first while the sun is still out behind a cloud go sledding or build a snowman or a castle or even having a snow ball fight! Who doesn’t love a good old play fest out in the snow than running indoors to find warm blankets and a mug of hot chocolate? Secondly bake something what is more satisfying then a house that smells of freshly made cookies? Thirdly build a fort with your couch cushions and blankets never hurts to revisit your childhood. Fourth grab all your blankets off your bed and sit in front of a fireplace and have a movie or TV marathon on Netflix why not watch a movie in a different language or even trying something new? Lastly while you are all bundled up grab your favorite book and just lose yourself in a whole new world.

Whether living at home or in the resident halls who say that snow days had to be boring? The major thing about having snow days and the boredom that usually occupy those thoughts the main thing is to be creative. Anything is possible just because fall is over now that the sun goes to bed earlier these days doesn’t mean to go into hibernation it just means a whole new world is ready to be explored. Don’t let another winter get you down time to sit back and relax and enjoy the winter just as much as you enjoy the other seasons.