Spearfish firefighters talk smokin’ hot gossip

Levi Kessler, Contributor

Spearfish firefighters talked about saving lives and formal business at a recent meeting on Wed., Sept. 18. The meeting, held in Station Three near Walmart, included achievements that the department had met during the past week of responding to calls and a special announcement by the department.

30 firefighters talked about business and continuing fire safety. Robert Mathis, Assistant Chief of the Spearfish Fire Department, announced that the department was given a grant for $470 thousand. The grant will provide funds to the department, as well as enable the hire of a Retention and Recruitment Officer. Mathis also commended firefighters on their efficient use of the new type three urban interface fire apparatus that was recently implemented within the department.

Former Spearfish fire chief Travis Ladsen also spoke about the new engine, cautioning drivers to operate the apparatus carefully. Ladsen listed a few more tips to help make sure the men and women of the department get to their emergency locations safely. Mathis then took the meeting in a new direction and noted during the meeting that the department is always looking to grow. Mathis mentioned how thankful he is for all the junior firefighters who will grow up to join the department.