Speed Limit Rises in South Dakota

The speed limit on I-90 and I-29 in South Dakota rose from 75 mph to 80 mph April 1.

The increased speed limit was part of Senate Bill 1 that was signed by Governor Dennis Daugaard in Pierre, S.D. March 17.

The bill also raises the gas tax by six cents per gallon, the motor vehicle excise tax by one percent, and the vehicle registration fee by 20-percent. The increase in speed limit could also cost drivers more at the gas pump. According to the U.S. Department of energy, every five miles per hour over 50 can cost an additional 17 cents per gallon of gas.

Higher speed limits and higher gas taxes add up to more money commuters have to pay.

“I don’t see how that five miles per hour is really going to benefit people,” said Karen Bialis, BHSU student from Rapid City. “It’s going to cost more gas. More highway patrolmen to patrol ita��trucking companies aren’t going to be allowed to go fastera��you may have more accidents as a result of it.”

Officials said the revenue from SB 1 could add up to $85 million per year if fully implemented. Those funds will be used to build and repair roads and bridges.