Spook.e.lectiV Captures Audiences Through New Style Of Music

Carissa Doolittle, Staff Writer

Spook.e.lectiV, the newer band on the block, captures audiences with their new style of music. The band’s members include Gene Cuesta, Kahle Mowry, and Zachary Brown.

Cuesta is a student at BHSU, he plays the drums and sings vocals for the band. Mowry is the bass player and vocalist, and Brown plays the guitar and does vocals.

Spook.e.lectiV has an attitude all their own that sets them apart from other bands in the area. All members have stage names, Cuesta is known as the Ethical Cannibal, Mowry is Dada Baba, and Brown is called Zeis.

The band has no set style of music they fall under like rap or hip-hop, instead they have a unique style that they have created.

“With influences from raw alternative Hip Hop attitude of Odd Future; the catchy avant garde sounds of Snakefinger, psycho funky sounds like Primus and Mr. Bungle, as well as the percussive jazz textures of bands ranging from the intense Tera Melos to the soulful Hiatus Kaiyot – we have our own unique sound,” said Brown.

The band has high energy and is very active to view live. Spook.e.lectiV has been featured at Crow Peak Brewery in Spearfish and Johnny’s Billiards in Rapid City.

“We want people to question our art when they see us perform live. We hold no barriers, we try to bring something new to the area, but at the same time we are experimenting,” Brown said.

The band is in the middle of recording their first album that should released online in the summer of 2014.