Student Organizations Offer Variety and Inclusion for Students


Tristen Polensky

Various BHSU organizations come together

Isabel Litzen, Staff Writer

Black Hills State University provides students with a variety of extracurricular activities outside of standard education. If students have a goal to come together and develop a sense of belonging and purpose, they can do this through student organizations. 

Student organizations are formulated by groups of individuals that often share a similar interest. These organizations are both created and compromised of BHSU students. There are currently 87 recognized student-led organizations active on campus. Each fits under one of the distinguished categories. These categories are listed as academic, social and special interest, governing and political, residential, spiritual, and recreational. Student Union and Activities Assistant Director, Erica Whitiker, encourages all students to join at least two clubs. Whitiker recommends attending at least one club in the academic category.  

“Joining multiple clubs allows students to explore their major in a fun and non-stressful way and give them opportunities to engage in what they are interested in,” said Whitiker. 

Whitiker described the purpose of student organizations as being a way to “increase student satisfaction and retention.” She explained that students often spend a lot more time outside of the classroom than inside the classroom. These organizations provide opportunities for students to meet new people with similar interests, enhance their leadership skills, and participate in specific opportunities that interest them.   

“Student organizations work very hard to make sure campus is engaging and a place where students want to be,” said Whitiker.  

The existence of student organizations is a very prevalent element of the school. There are exactly 1,419 students currently taking part in at least one club, group, or organization.  

The activities that are carried out through these organizations can benefit both the school and the community.  

The third annual lip sync battle between all BHSU clubs is set to take place on Feb 13 2018 through the Campus Activities Board. This battle is the largest fundraiser held by student organizations. All of the money raised from the event will go toward the Kennadi Jean Weis Foundation.  

Student organizations give students the opportunity to motivate, lead, delegate, and gain experience.