Students geek out over professors’ artistic works

Claire Scarborough

Students got the opportunity to see their professors’ work outside of the classroom during a Geek Speak presented by the Honors Club on Oct. 18 in Jonas Hall.


The idea for a series of five-to-ten minute presentations titled “Beyond the Classroom” stemmed from students asking their professors what work they’ve created. Featuring a panel of nine faculty members, students were treated to a variety of mediums ranging from graphic design and photography to sculpting and ceramics. Time-limit being the only restraint, presenters were given free reign when it came to showcasing their work.


In addition to giving students the chance to take a look beyond the classroom, faculty offered wisdom accumulated from years of experience in the field. Studio art professor, Desy Schoenewies explained how the continuing presence of airplanes in her artwork derived from the experience of her childhood home being torn down to make way for a new airport runway.


“We have these motifs, these fleeting moments in our lives that influence our artwork,” Schoenewies said.


An attendance of over 100 students, staff and community members prompted the Geek Speak board to move the talk from the regular Jonas 110 location to the third floor lecture hall. Presenters included Gina Gibson, Digital Communication; Quintin Owens, Art; Jerry Rawlings, Mass Communication; Desy Schoenewies, Art; Steve Babbitt, Mass Communication; Altman Studeny, Art; Scott Chandler, Mass Communication; Michael Baum, Art; Tennille Paden, Graphic Design.