Students Look At Major Decisions

Samantha Patmore, Contributing Writer

The “Explore Majors Event” was held in Black Hills State University’s Club Buzz on April 3, 2014. This event was a chance for students to talk to teachers form different fields of study. Meeting with the teachers was a way for students to learn about the different majors that are offered on campus.

Teachers from different areas of emphasis each had designated spots where students could visit with them close to one-on-one. This was done in a speed dating kind of manner where each student would start out at one station and would switch to another after five minutes. Students who participated were able to learn about each field of study and the professors that teach in those areas. Ann Porter, art professor, was among the teachers who got to speak with students. She shared art degree information at the event.

“It’s really a great opportunity for students who are undecided to figure out what’s going on; to actually talk to somebody who teaches the classes and kind of get a feel for the personality of the department,” Porter said.

Porter went on to say that a person could read the catalog but it wouldn’t be the same as getting to sit down and chat with somebody.

The event was a chance for both students and professors to get to know people they had never met before. It was also a chance to address questions and concerns that one might have.

Jalynn Miller, a BHSU student, said “It’s been really informative and the teachers are really easy to talk to when it’s almost a one-on-one.”


Kerry Tarrant. a BHSU freshman majoring in marketing, said that it was nice to sit down and discuss what majors he could think about and what careers he could obtain with those majors. Tarrant said he found out about the event through the school website and several posters hung around campus.

“It was good to be aware that these professors are here to help and that you can always contact them,” Tarrant said. “It’s a nice way to interact with professionals and just step outside of what you think you know.”

Bailey Sadowsky, a BHSU student, said, “As a freshman coming in not knowing what my major was I felt it was really important to have these programs so people like me have a chance to figure out what we are going to do so we have more activity on campus.”

“The more focus you can bring to your college experience and the more you come in to the folds of a department the more we know individual students,” Porter said.

She said this has made it easier for her to have a handle on how to help students or how to talk to them most productively. Porter also said that college is a time for exploration and that it’s fine if a student ends up changing their major.