Students Tell Their Secrets on How to Prepare for the End in Sight

With finals week just around the corner, students are getting ready to prepare for what they learned in class onto those written papers, exams and projects. But how do they prepare for this stressful week?

“My studying habits vary and change depending on the class I am studying for,” said Alex Rettinghouse, an Art Education Major from Newcastle, Wyo.

Because of Rettinghouse’s experience in past semesters, he has developed ways to study for all sorts of final exams.

“For instance, for my last math exam I got a couple of pre-exams from my professor. I answered all of the questions and then looked at the answer key to make sure I did the problems right. After I finished that I then studied how I did the problems so I could answer them right no matter what the problem was written on the exam,” Rettinghouse Said.

Emily Shelton, a Human Services major from Laurel, Mont., also prepares for finals, but in different ways.

“I prepare projects for finals week by dividing the project into smaller parts. That way I don’t stress myself out. Working on one task at a time helps me focus,” Shelton said.

There are also plenty of other ideas that can help students prepare. The library will be open late for students to have more access to study in a quiet environment. Members of the Writing Assistance Center will also be around finals week to help with all of the issues in writing dealing with flow, grammar, and punctuation. Also, Aviands provides a late night breakfast in the hive, only one night per a semester, just to get some food for the brain to function.

So use time wisely, and don’t study and work on projects at the last minute. If hard work happens, then success will be accomplished in finals week.