Students Use Recycled Shirts to Make Toys for Dogs 

Victoria Geary, Staff Writer

BHSU students gathered in Club Buzz to make chew toys from recycled t-shirts. 

Organization Circle K hosted an event called “What’s up dawg?” to give students the opportunity to give back to their community. About twenty-two students showed up to cut t-shirts and braid them into creatively crafted dog toys. 

The Circle K organization collected close to one hundred unused t-shirts from various donors around campus. The process of making the toys was simple, first students cut the t-shirts into strips. After this they were tied and braided into unique chew toys for the dogs at the Western Hills Humane Society. In total they made and donated an estimated one hundred and twenty-five toys. 

This event gave students the chance to come together to meet new people, enjoy refreshments, and do something great for the community. The refreshments that volunteers were provided include a very fitting choice of puppy chow. Volunteering provides an opportunity for students during their time at BHSU to make a difference our local community, as well as develop their skills. Volunteering leads to building community awareness and represents BHSU in a positive way as well as provides students with the opportunity to meet new people.  

Circle K is an international affiliated volunteer group. They have done many fundraisers, some including a chili feed, Project Christmas Child, and other events for the humane society. Circle K is the world’s largest student-led collegiate service organization whose goal is for students to gain resume worthy skills, find lifetime friends, and do community service. 

Student and committee leader Kailee Bjorkstrand was given the task of coming up with a fundraiser for the humane society. She found the idea to make chew toys from unused t-shirts on Pinterest and loved the thought of giving the dogs something to play with in order to make their days easier. 

For more information on the organization Circle K and what you can do to volunteer contact their president Brittany Bell at 307-689-5040.