Styx Raises Money for Local Charity


Cynthia Herndon

Hannah Shaw executive director of Rock to the Rescue (center) partner with Rapid City WAVI volunteers from Left: Kelley Crane, Mallory Heutzenroeder, Mary Corbine (Executive Director of WAVI), Rebekkah Kruse, Ruth Torala and Morgan VonHaden to manage raffle ticket sales.

Rock to the Rescue, a non-profit organization founded by legendary band Styx known for its popular hits, “Come Sail Away,” “Lady” and “Mr. Roboto” raffled off an autographed guitar signed by the band’s current members at the 22nd Annual Deadwood Jam Saturday night to raise money for Working Against Violence, Inc. of Rapid City.

To better participate in and support the local communities in which it tours, Styx enlisted the help of lead guitarist and vocalist Tommy Shaw’s 25-year-old daughter, Hannah, to bring Rock to the Rescue on the road.

Styx selects a small but highly impactful grass roots organization in each community to benefit from the raffle.

Hannah Shaw, executive director of Rock to the Rescue said, “WAVI is just doing really, really great work in this community and it is right up the alley of what Rock to the Rescue wants to fund. They are doing not only work with women and children in their shelter for people who are surviving domestic violence and sexual assault but they also do case management for these people so they have ongoing support, it’s really, really, cool–so we want to help them.”

Mary Corbine, executive director of WAVI felt “honored” to be selected by Styx and commented, ” It was just so exciting when Hannah called us!”

A crowd of people gathered around the Rock to the Rescue table following Styxa�� performance of “Renegade” from their 1978 Pieces of Eight album. The band’s final song of a multi-song encore completed the musical entertainment of the Deadwood Jam around 10:00 p.m.

Several volunteers from WAVI were present when Shaw announced the winning ticket number through a mega phone. A couple that travelled from Gillette, Wyo. to attend the concert won the autographed Fender electric guitar.

The Deadwood venue raised more money for Rock to the Rescue than any other venue to date. Raffle ticket proceeds totaled $5480 with 25 percent going to WAVI and the remaining balance to be drawn on semi-annually by each Styx band member to fund his favorite charity.

Rock to the Rescue raised approximately $35,000 for charity in its first month on the road with Styx. Shaw said, “When we all come together with one purpose and one intention we are able to do so much. So, it’s blowing all of our minds.”