‘Take Back the Night’ raises awareness about sexual and domestic violence

Every year both men and women are subjected to shame and guilt at the hands of another. Why, you ask? They are the victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. People are victimized and taken advantage of by a perpetrator. A person could be under the influence of alcohol and taken advantage of or sexually assaulted while walking home. These situations are real and happen more than people would like to acknowledge.

“Take Back the Night promotes awareness and prevention throughout our school and community. It lets victims know there are resources available to them, “said Taarna Murray, the President of the Psychology club. This is an important event for both the school and the community.

This will be the 6th year that the Psychology club has hosted this event in cooperation with the Artemis House and BHSU Drama club. The Artemis House plays an active role in the event by putting a representative on the panel and providing informational materials. The event showcases a panel composed of speakers such as doctors, psychologists and police officers. They not only talk about sexual assault and domestic violence, but also open up for a question and answer portion. The BHSU Drama club does some skits on sexual violence and domestic assault as well, to showcase the situations that victims go through. The event attracts a lot of attention from people throughout the community and gains a lot of support from the school.

In preparation for this event the Psychology club has been preparing a booth to promote awareness. There they will be giving out informational materials from the Artemis House: awareness ribbons and bracelets that promote awareness. At this booth there is also an anonymous box where people can leave comments and confessions about any situations they have been in. The Psychology club is also providing boxes for people to donate essential items that the Artemis House needs. These items include toiletries, feminine hygiene products and clothing. The booth will further promote the event and get the donations needed for the Artemis House.

“Take Back the Night” is an opportunity to reach out and give back to those that have been affected by sexual violence. The seriousness of this topic is not lost on anyone attending the event.

“Sexual assault and domestic violence is serious and can be psychologically damaging,” said Taarna.

For all those victims out there that are keeping silent, this is the time to speak out against sexual assault and domestic violence. There is no shame or guilt in being a survivor.