‘The Boss Baby’ Delivers on Promise of Family Friendly Humor


Who hasn’t struggled at some point to get along with their siblings? Sibling rivalry is the central premise to the just released to DVD, “The Boss Baby”.  With major characters voiced by well-known actors, such as Alec Baldwin and Steve Buscemi, the movie manages to hold the interest of both children and adults alike. Lead character Tim, struggles to accept his new baby brother, the boss baby, voiced by Baldwin. Together they embark on an adventure to return the boss baby to his corporation, Baby Corp. They also seek to bring down a puppy company promising to produce puppies cuter than babies. While Tim starts out not wanting the baby – really an imposter — they bond over the course of their adventure and both learn a valuable lesson about family. 

It doesn’t take long for Tim, voiced by Miles Bakshi, to realize that there is something off about his baby brother. It’s not just that the baby has disrupted Tim’s perfect life by taking all of his parent’s attention. Tim’s new brother wears a suit, carries a briefcase and speaks with the voice of a grown man. Tim tries unsuccessfully to expose the truth about the baby to his parents. Rather than work against him, Boss Baby enlists Tim to help him reach his goal and keep his job at Baby Corp., which will ultimately get him out of Tim’s hair. Tim agrees and the two embark on a mission to take down Puppy Co. Their main goal is to prevent the release of a puppy that never grows up and will be more popular than babies. They experience many obstacles in their mission to stop the puppies. In the process they learn to like each other a whole lot more than they expected. 

Director Tom McGrath, best known for the Dreamworks “Madagascar” franchise, once again finds success in injecting some adult humor into a children’s movie. The central message also remains relatable despite the humor. The movie is also fast-paced with numerous chase scenes and plenty of hijinks. Tim has an active imagination and the movie includes several scenes that depict his imagination. This is done with a different style of animation and keeps things interesting. The plot is far from realistic, but it is creative and fun to watch. Overall “The Boss Baby” is well done for what it is, an animated children’s movie.