Thomas Hall hosts chicken wing event to de-stress students

Thomas Hall Resident Assistant Abbi Baker hosted her event “Wingin’ It” Sunday, Sept. 22 on the first-floor lobby of Thomas. Baker’s event provided the hall’s residents an evening filled with various games, conversation and chicken wings to give residents a way to relieve the stress of school.

The “Wingin’ It” event was organized by Baker with hopes to help students de-stress during the opening weeks of school. The event consisted of free chicken wings, card games and small groups of residents socializing. 

Baker said the event was to help educate students on social interaction, bring awareness to events happening on campus and get students to meet with one another.

Baker had been planning the event for four weeks prior, which was spent writing the proposal and getting it approved, putting posters around the hall to spread the word and gathering all the supplies and food needed to host the event. 

As a Resident Assistant, Baker is responsible for hosting two events per semester. She is allotted $100 to use towards organizing these events with the ability to ask for more funding through the Residence Hall Association. 

Baker suggests that students should attend these events, saying that even meeting one or two people can make someone much more comfortable and can help in relieving stress, which is vital to students as they finished up their first month of school at Black Hills                  State University.