Wi-Fi on campus poses problems for students

It seems that both residents and non-resident students are having the same problems with the Wi-Fi on the main campus. The problems can vary greatly.

Some of the problems students have been having is not being able to connect to the Wi-Fi, and then when they do get connected it’s either really slow or it bumps them off the network.

“There has not been any complaints lately about the Wi-Fi being down. If we know about the problems on campus about the Wi-Fi we could be working on fixing the problem,” said Fred Nelson, Networking Computer Services Director.

If students are having problems getting connected to the Wi-Fi check a different location to see if the hotspot is down or check different locations around campus. If it is just that one location that isn’t working, notify the tech team as soon as possible and they will have it up and running as soon as they can.

Troy Hall is also one of the NCS members that helps with Wi-Fi connections.

“If there is a problem with the internet please come to the help desk located downstairs of the library. Once we know people are having problems around campus the faster we can check and find out how to fix it,” Hall said.

The NCS team is meeting with the senior RA’s once a week to discuss if the server and Internet have been working and if the RA’s have been getting any complaints.

“Residents do come to us about Wi-Fi problems now and then. We take note of what they said and we make sure to tell our Hall Director who then usually passes on the message or we are told to have the residents directly go to the network services or email them.” said Brianna Stanek, an RA in Heidepriem Hall. “It has been noticed that they respond faster when the residents directly contact them versus the hall directors.”

Residents and non-residents have many problems with the Wi-Fi connections and many don’t know where to go when they are having problems.

“I have a hard time connecting to the dorm Wi-Fi and the Wi-Fi works better at the young center or in the Hive. Once I am able to connect to the Wi-Fi in the dorms it randomly will bump me off or will be very slow,” said freshman Kayla Hallock who lives in Heideprim residence hall.

When Hallock was asked if she knew where the help desk was she said she didn’t know. A large part of the problem is that many students on campus don’t know what to do when the Internet is slow.

If you live on or off campus and are having trouble connecting to the school Wi-Fi contact the Help Desk in the basement of the library in room 006. The NCS team will be sure to help with your Wi-Fi issues.