Advice: Do Not Sacrifice Quality for Time and Energy

Time and time again filmmakers make the mistake of taking a hit to their quality because of time management. There should never be a compromise on the quality of a project. The sole reasons for creating a video is for it to look good, tell a story well, and flow. None of these exist if said project lacks high quality.

There have been so many times when I click on a video and find myself moving away quickly because the quality is poor. According to, once you realize where you are investing poor priorities you will quickly begin to form a habit of correcting that if you are determined. Creating different projects within a project that don’t have a progressive impact are distracting. This is where people tend to falter.

Something wise to consider is to target and eliminate. Target problems with whatever the problem seems to be. Eliminate and replace with positive techniques. Editing a film is tedious work and any filmmaker will tell you that. A positive technique would be to take frequent breaks to relax your mind. This way you stay refreshed with new ideas and motivation. Looking through footage can also be a mind-numbing task because there is so much. Sorting and organizing footage makes life seem like it is in order.

All relatable footage goes in a folder clearly labeled something simple. Going back to edit is made supremely easier when things are easily located.

Something really important that most people will not want to accept is that sometimes you have to mentally buckle into pending work time. This means to mentally accept what you will have to do. You might be in for a packed evening but if you accept it with a positive attitude, time will fly and work will flow.

All of these tips go hand in hand with quality. When you’re organized, have high energy and are prioritizing the right things, the quality in your work will show. Quality quality quality. Deadlines are important, but quality takes the crown of importance.