Breastfeeding a Natural Healthy Way to Feed Your baby

When mothers have a new baby, they may contemplate whether to breastfeed or bottle feed. In the last few years, the conversation about breastfeeding has become more prevelant. Now organizations like Free the Nipple are becoming more and more active in promoting public breastfeeding. While some believe this movement is headed in the right direction, many women feel very differently about breastfeeding. Some women who try to breastfeed in public are sent to restrooms or are asked to leave the establishment altogether. We all eat in public, so why are mothers being criticized for feeding their children in public?

Not all women breastfeed, and that is ok. There are many reasons why some mothers do not breastfeed. No matter the reason, they shouldn’t be ashamed of their decision.

Many women who breastfeed feel the need to cover up when in public — a more conservative approach. However, movements such as Free the Nipple are taking a whole different approach to breastfeeding.

Free the Nipple is a movement that calls for women’s equality in censorship. In their film-“Free the Nipple,” they took to the streets to document real-life events that have taken place in America.

While the movement is for equality for all cases of censorship, they do focus on women being arrested for breastfeeding in public. This movement has an in-your-face kind of approach that can make people feel uneasy, but they have taken strides in highlighting the ridiculousness of women being punished for feeding their babies.

It is not only women who are standing up for breastfeeding in public – many men stand with women on this issue, including celebrities. Norman Reedus recently posted a photo with Free the Nipple on his Instagram. He was standing between two mothers who were feeding their children and holding up a breast shaped ball. The photo started some controversy among mothers, but the message is clear. There shouldn’t be shame in feeding your child.

Sarah Pourier, a mother of five, has breastfed all of her children. Pourier’s thoughts on breastfeeding are simple.

“If you can, do it. It is proven that it is healthier for your baby and it is healthy for the mother. Some mothers can’t and that’s fine, but there shouldn’t be any shame in feeding your child,” said Pourier.

Pourier is from the Black Hills, and breastfeeds her children in public places, but always makes sure she has a cover. “It’s not hard to just put a blanket over yourself,” said Pourier.

Although it has never happened to her, Pourier said she has heard of cases where restaurants have asked mothers to breastfeed in the bathroom. “All the child is doing is eating. How would you like to eat in a place that smells like poop and is full of germs?”

More and more, breastfeeding is becoming acceptable. Mothers shouldn’t have to feel ashamed of feeding their children in public. However, there should be respect for the public. New products make it easier to cover up while breastfeeding.

Babies need to eat. The cheapest and healthiest way to feed them is breastfeeding. It is a natural thing for mothers to do. A child eating shouldn’t make anyone feel uncomfortable and mothers shouldn’t have to hide.