Mornings Are Always Better with Coffee

The sun comes up. The day is greeted with the screeching sound of the alarm clock. Typically at this stage, I’m tossing and turning — trying to decide if I actually want to officially wake up.

Let’s be honest — it’s way too early and my bed is way too warm and safe to get out. After a solid fifteen minutes of trying to finish my dream into a happily ever after, I wake up and almost instantly wish to be asleep again. Almost immediately my brain starts going a hundred miles per hour over everything that needs to be done including trying to solve world hunger.

I’m stretching, social media cruising, and thinking about what I’m going to wear and start wondering if it will be sunny. I start to begin my day. Coffee first of course. Once I start the coffee pot, I eagerly await the magical substance brewing away.

It’s thirty minutes of brewing and waiting — the longest thirty minutes of my day. How do I pass this time? I have two options — either have a solo dance party or take the productive approach and take a shower or wash my face.

Nine times out of ten I tend to do both — have a dance party while washing my face or preparing for my shower. Once I’m done, I walk into my kitchen and there it is. In my mind a bright light appears behind my beloved coffee pot. To help my productivity during the day I have a very particular way to start my day. I have a tendency to obsess over coffee cups. The first step to making the perfect cup of coffee is to have the perfect coffee cup.

Afterward, I can have my cup of coffee. I’m not all that picky over my coffee. I just have a few regulations — it has to be strong or regular — no weak coffee or decaf please. Once the first sip is on my tongue it’s like the world has silenced down a bit. Caffeine is starting to mix into my blood stream. I’m finally awake and finally able to conquer the day.