Good news in the midst of the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is ramping up with the number of cases in the US and Italy. While South Dakota has the least amount of cases out of all the states, as of right now, its important to remember the good news happening all around the world. Right now there have been over 100,000 recoveries from the coronavirus, compared to the amount of deaths which so far, have only hit up to 18,000 roughly. In more good news, people are donating thousands and millions of dollars to hospitals, filled with professionals risking their lives every day. Lowes donated 10 million alone, just for protective gear. Grey’s Anatomy is donating all of their real medical supplies they use as props, while filming has been shut down.

One man raised $16,000 on GoFundMe to help Milwaukee restaurants. This is especially comforting because so many restaurants and small businesses are not able to stay afloat during the coronavirus. Any little bit helps during these trying times. A New Jersey Restraunt owner Bryan Morin took out a line of credit for $50,000 to pay his 20 employees over the next two months. Most restaurants are being closed or having to shut down their dining areas, which leave a lot of employees out of work and wondering what to do for rent for the next upcoming months.

There are a lot of other good things going on in the news that haven’t been talked about or are being shadowed by the coronavirus. At the end of the day, it’s important to remember to take a minute to calm down, get off the news, and maybe look at a couple pictures of cute puppies, kittens, or sloths.