Rust: A Game Review

Evan Bruce, System Manager

Rust is a new video game that is a new massive multi-player online (MMO) survival game available on Steam, for both pc and mac. This game starts the player out with nothing and the player has to harvest and craft everything needed to survive. There are threats and obstacles that must be overcome, sometimes including other players. The game is still in development and that really holds it back.

There are a lot of survival games out there like DayZ or Resident Evil. These games have more of a horror survival plot in which the player must defend their self, while Rust focuses on living and crafting items so that the player can survive. There are zombies and wild animals that attack, but are not the main focus in the game like Resident Evil.

The game begins with a rock in the player’s hands, three medical kits and some torches to light the way at night. Players start out as a naked caveman and have to gather wood and rocks to build a shelter. Materials are gathered by hitting trees and boulders with the rocks that given to start out with. Then players use these materials to craft what is needed to survive — such as weapons and shelters — and eventually make better items like furnaces or fuel. After the basic materials are gathered, players must go after animals and zombies that hold better crafting materials needed for the better items.

Threats are everywhere in Rust. Zombies and wild animals are the most noticeable at first, but the other players are sometimes more of a danger. If the player gets killed, the other player will get everything that was being carried by the victim.

Wild animals and zombies are next. Most of the time they are avoidable, but players will need to attack them to gather the materials they hold. Animals hold meat and clothes, while zombies hold more man-made objects like paper and metal.

Then there are areas of radiation. While you are in these areas, you collect a radiation score. When that score gets to high, players start to take constant damage; a higher score will cause greater damage per second. When the player leaves the irradiated area, the radiation score goes down.

With the fact of all these dangers, players will die a lot when they first start the game. Once the player dies, they lose all of the items they were carrying and re-spawn in a random spot in the world. This can set a player back hours of game play.

Items can be crafted that will make dying easier on the players gathered belongings. In the shelter that has been built, players craft a crate or a box that will hold all the belongings. Bed and sleeping bags can also be crafted. Then, when that player dies, they don’t re-spawn randomly after they have been created. However, they will re-spawn where the sleeping bag or bed has been placed, but the player has to survive long enough to gather the material needed to craft them. That can be challenging if a player re-spawns near wild animals such as bears or wolves.

The game is still in development. This means that some of the game mechanics don’t completely work and are buggy, but the game is being updated constantly. Individuals can watch older YouTube videos to see how far the game has come along.

One thing that is very noticeable is when starting the game is a menu that pops up and asks the player to choose the graphic settings. Players should reselect the settings every time the game starts.

Even if the other players keeps killing the other players, the game is still not completely finished. It is on steam, and knowing steam, the game will be on sale eventually and by then it might be a lot better. If you are into survival games, and can make friends in games easily with the other players instead of kill them on-site, you might want give this game a try.