Technology Disconnects Us From The World

Anne Orban, Content editor

We live in a very interesting time. In our lifetime we have seen countless changes in technology and social norms. While the growth of technology has allowed us to achieve amazing things there is always a downfall. In this ever changing world, we have become disconnected.

Cellphones and the explosion of social media have been helpful tools for us to use to promote businesses and events, share our interests, and connect with people across the world but while we are connecting with people in China, we often forget to connect with the people sitting front of us. This lack of interaction has caused us to lose moments that we can never get back.

In her Huffington Post article “Confessions of a Phone Addict”, Caitlyn Becker describes a night where she had forgotten her phone at work and had to survive without it. She said that the experience was sadly liberating and asks “How did I even get so twisted into tech?” The answer is, it’s where we put everything. We have taken everything we need and shoved it in to a tiny rectangle that we always have with us.

Now I am not naA?ve. I know putting your phone down is easier said than done. I always have mine with me. I read emails or Facebook stalk some cute guy I found on Tinder. My various roles across campus have made it nearly impossible to disconnect without missing something important. The thought of my phone dying while I am waiting for an important text or phone call actually gives me anxiety. When did we get to a place where not having your rectangle gives you a mental breakdown?

The fact is there is a whole world waiting for us but we are too engrossed by getting enough likes on a picture of food we took than on what is happening around us. We have allowed ourselves to become disconnected from what is around us by what we think is out there. We idolize people we have never met and will probably never meet. There is a world of opportunity out there and we are swiping right on Tinder instead of experiencing it.

I want to pose this question. What would happen if everyone put there smartphones down for a night? Would the world stop turning? Or would we take advantage of the time we had with our loved ones? Would we go out and actually eat instead of taking pictures of our food? Would we laugh and make memories that we will never forget? The possibilities are endless.