“The Jungle Booka�� Upsets Disney Fans

Penrod, A., Sakuma, P., Bustillos, C., Jensen, L., Warford, D., and LaFountain, J

Disney’s latest take on “The Jungle Booka�� fell short of the bare necessities. Was it the lack of the classic songs? The underestimated suspense? Or the violent twist on the original story?

“The Jungle Booka�� was a letdown for classic Disney lovers. This action packed film caught many viewers off guard.

Kelsea Nash, Black Hills State University student, recently watched the new film. In her opinion she felt that the story strayed from the classic Disney norms. Expecting to go watch a musical based film, she was sadly disappointed when she ended up jumping out of her seat rather than singing along with the cast.

Shere Khan, the scarred Bengal tiger, continued to shock the audience by unexpectedly pouncing into scenes. His persistent drive to catch the main character, Mowgli, added to the suspense which kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

The violent twist on the original movie could be seen as unappealing to a younger audience. The ideal depiction of the original “The Jungle Booka�� grants an idea of entertainment for young children without the concern for violence. The new movie displays deadly actions against other characters.

The 1967 version of “The Jungle Booka�� presented a playful story line targeted towards children. In the original movie, Kaa the anaconda, seemed more hypnotic than seductive because he was male. The gender swap in the 2016 version presented Kaa as a seductive and dangerous female anaconda. This change presented controversy for young viewers as it was perceived as inappropriate.

Writers continued to transform the story line by creating an inside look between the relation of man and beast. An example of the connection between Mowgli, the man cub, and the wolf pack showed that it is possible to build bridges between two worlds.

Josh Lafountain, BHSU student, suggested that parents should be more aware of the content of the 2016 version before taking their children to see it. Other suggestions of change included a clearer representation of Mowgli’s growth into a man as a fourth act. The lack of original songs also acted as a missing puzzle piece of the movie.

Disney’s latest take on “The Jungle Booka�� fell short of the bare necessities. Viewers can conclude that the newest version of “The Jungle Booka�� is a drastic spin off of the original. The action orientated plot leaves audience unsettled due to what parents might deem as inappropriate content for their children. This classic tale has evolved but has continued to intrigue audiences in the box office.