Ways of education are lackluster at best

Many people claim that children are the future and there have been many different propositions that have emphasized why people should care so much about raising the next generation right.

Children aren’t necessarily bad and most don’t have ill intentions growing up-most just have bad behaviors. Corporations and plenty of people have been exploiting the fact that parents worry about what is best for their children.

“Parents tend to worry about messing up with their children or not knowing how to handle issues,” said psychology major Jordan Reuer.

Parents aren’t always correct but they are the best example of learning those behaviors. Children might be on the right track from a young age about what good behaviors are without any help.

Paul Bloom, author of “Just Babies: The Origins of Good and Evil” said that even before babies can speak or walk, they judge good and bad in the actions of others because they are born with a primitive sense of justice.

Children might have basic judgment skills from birth, but teachers and parents need to know how each child functions differently.

“Knowing how children learn and develop really helps give them support,” said Cynthia Chandler, Associate Professor of education,

Support may be important but what children don’t need is more excuses. Rod Liddle of The Spectator noted, “For decades now dyslexia has been the crutch upon which middle-class parents support themselves when they discover that their children- Oliver, eight, and Poppy, ten, are actually denser than a ton of highly enriched uranium, contrary to their expectations”.

Children can’t educate themselves but they shouldn’t totally rely on outside help that shrinks their self-confidence or not be able to lead themselves. These bad behaviors could range from being told their dyslexic to ADHD.

“Bad behaviors are learned in my opinion”, Chandler said.

Some bad behaviors are being regarded impairing a child’s success, depending on the severity. People look at children who have a bad behavior and say they need medication.

Bad behaviors shouldn’t be ignored but should be replaced by good behaviors so they can be unlearned as long as the right steps are followed, according to centersite.net.

Medication, self-help books on how to raise children, and testing is big business. Education used to be a way of training children for informed citizenry not another corporate scheme.

Children need to be able to tell their own story and there’s no amount of money that is going to change what certain children are like.

“The quality of the education is more important than just more education in order to provide children with a beneficial future,” Reuer said.

Children are our future and we need to understand them more and not be so stuck in our ways to how they should be or what they need to act like. It is important to distinguish the difference between progress and just being foolish in raising children.