Mauritius sets tone for theatre season

East of Madagascar, in the Indian Ocean is a country named Mauritius. In Mauritius, peace and tranquility abound as breathtaking views and turquoise waters surround. The past and present blend to create an unforgettable experience.

On Oct. 10, 11 and 12, Black Hills State University theatre began its 2013-2014 season with “Mauritius.” These were three nights of one hour and forty-five minute hilarity, drama and mystery which kept the audience captivated. It was not advised to bring along the little ones as numerous scenes involved obscene language and violence.

It seemed as though nobody could be trusted as they search to find out the value of two postage stamps thought to be among the most valued in the world. Issued in Mauritius, these stamps brought out the worst in each character as greed became a recurring issue. Likewise, a want for respect and recognition seemed to be a recurring theme.

Half-sisters Jackie and Mary, played by Kassi Blue and Hannah Kloiber, shared scenes filled with emotion as they expressed anger towards one another and pain involving the loss of their mother. Both felt that their grandfather’s stamp collection was their’s and that it was their right to sell the stamps.

Sterling, a rich, international businessman, was played by Tyler Steffens. Sterling loved stamps and had no problem crossing any line while attempting to get what he wanted. Sterling was a man who believed everything was about negotiation, sometimes even life. Along with Sterling, Dennis was a shady character.

Played by Nicholas Nettle, Dennis eventually took sides with Jackie after realizing she was a much smarter woman than they’d taken her for. She knew what she was doing and wouldn’t accept anything less than what she knew was an acceptable amount for the two stamps. Philip, played by Joe Geyer, was a quiet man in the beginning, but he knew what he was doing. Philip first acted bothered by Jackie coming into the shop and asking him to put a value on the two stamps.

In the end Dennis and Jackie left the shop together. They’d soon be on a beautiful beach with a margarita in hand. The simple life Jackie had been searching for.

“Mauritius” deserves two thumbs up. The cast and crew started the season right. The next event “Q, Q (Squared)” and “Take Five,” will be held Nov. 7 and 8 at 7:30 p.m. in Lab Theatre Pangburn.