The Ghost of Cannonberry Castle

A cold chill swept over the castle. It seemed like it would be another dreary day in the American countryside. The whole castle moved and bent its shape with every breathe it took. I wandered around the castle freely like someone alive would. I yearned for there to be new blood in the castle, but unfortunately it had laid dormant for the past 50 years or so. All that was left was the other ghosts. Some acted like they were still alive, while the others were in a deep depression. I, myself, acted like I was dead, but I didn’t let it get me down too much.  

I had died in this castle after my husband decided to turn into a frenzy and slid a knife into the openings of my ribcage, over 6 times. My blood stains were still on the carpet, in the main bedroom. It seemed like he would get away with it, even though we rarely have the TV turned on or the newspaper delivered to our doorstep. Ghosts could move things if they put all of their effort into it, but it left them in a drowsy state for the rest of the day, sometimes the rest of the year. As I thought about it, I realized how long ago it really was. I sighed to myself and wondered what the rest of the day had in store. Normally nothing happened here, besides the occasional child coming up and knocking on our door as prank, or a show of strength.  

The sound of tires crunching on gravel filled my ears. It felt like a new day was arriving before me. I quickly went to the grand entrance way, before going to hide in one of the corners where I couldn’t be seen. The ghosts could always been seen a little bit depending on how spiritually trained or how young they were. I wondered if the person in the car would be able to see me. I could hear footsteps on gravel coming closer and closer, so I hid behind the top stairs landing and waited for them to arrive. This one felt different then all the others. It was like they were calling to me.  

I heard a creaking noise as the door opened wide, leaving me to get a good look at the person. It was a girl, barely older then 20. She looked beautiful. Her clothes stuck out like a sore thumb. I was still wearing my dress and pearls, whereas she wore pants and a jacket that looked like it had patches on it. I watched her closely. She moved about the house like a cat. It was almost like she didn’t trust the house enough for her to be in it. I was confused. My body moved on its own to get closer to her. It was like she was the only light in this house.  

As I got closer to her I could feel my heart quickening. She went around the house with a flashlight. To be fair the house was pretty dark as the ghost didn’t want to waste their energy on opening up curtains. I got right behind her following her as close as I could, before she stopped suddenly and turned around. 

“I can feel you ya know. You’re not as slick as you think. What are you trying to do anyway, scare me?” She was quite cocky.  

I simply looked at her as she looked at me. Instead of looking through me she looked at me directly and narrowed her eyes. It was only then did her eyes get big as she gasped.  

Grandma? Is that really you?” She asked before enveloping me in a big hug, well it would be big if she was able to touch me.  

“I don’t know who you are. I’m sorry but you might have the wrong person.” I said while backing away from her. 

“You’re wearing the same clothes you died in. Here I even have a picture of you.” She came closer to me and showed me the picture. It looked like me, but I haven’t seen myself in so long, it was hard to say.  

“I didn’t have a baby though.” I shook my head, realizing this was a lost cause. 

“You did you just don’t remember. My mom was put up for adoption, back in the late fifties. I promise you had a child.”  

I was confused. I couldn’t remember much before I died. Everything just went away after a time. I tried to hold onto so much but it was like holding four balls in the air while you couldn’t juggle.  

She spoke once again, “My mom’s name was Marie. She died just last week, but she told me where you might be so I took the chance. I’m so happy to see you. She looked like you. I’m sorry for what happened with your husband, you didn’t deserve that.” It came out of her like a flowing river.  

“Well thank you. I am sorry I don’t remember your mom but I’m glad you came and found me. We can catch up how about that.” I said as she nodded her head. 

We went over to the couches in the sitting room and just started talking. It was nice to talk to someone alive again. Some of the ghost friends I had made came down to meet her as well, even if they were afraid at first. She told me about how Marie went to medical school and became a nurse to help people. She wasn’t around the house that much but the dad was always at home, so that their daughter always felt wanted and loved.  

“I’m going to be honest I am still in grief, but knowing that you’re here makes me a bit happier.”  

I felt conflicted. On one end I was getting to the point where I wanted to have someone find my bones and burn them so I could be released, but on the other I had just found my family. It was important I stayed with family even if I wanted to leave so bad.  

‘I’m glad I got to know you sweetheart. Even though I’m sure there’s a lot more stuff you wanted me to hear, I’m afraid I must cut this short. Ghosts need to sleep as well ya know.”  

She said she understood and promised that she would sleep in one of the rooms till tomorrow. I went back to my room and mulled over todays events. At the end of the day, I was happy. I wished I could remember anything about my daughter, but unfortunately all of my memories were up in the air. I closed my eyes and breathed deep. Tomorrow would be even better.