African-American BHSU student athletes host a B.L.A.C.K. Culture Night

Several Black Hills State University African-American student athletes held a B.LA.C.K. Culture Night on Feb. 25 at the Donald E. Young Sports and Fitness Center in celebration of Black History Month. 

The event’s intentions were to spread love for African American students on the BHSU campus. The stand was decorated with a large poster with the acronym B.L.A.C.K. Highlighting that BHSU community members stood for “building love and cultural knowledge”.  Student-athletes placed a photo montage of BHSU African American student athletes in decoration of their accomplishments. 

Kamari Brown, a BHSU football player, explained, “The event is a great opportunity to spread love, and show the community a slice of our culture. I mean, who doesn’t like food.” 

BHSU football coach Mike Smith spearheaded the event. Mike Smith started this event last year continuing annually in celebration of  Black History Month. 

BHSU football worked the stand and offered several traditional African-Americam delicacies. The options included candied yams, sweet water cornbread, and red beans and rice. 

The event was held during the BHSU Mens and Women’s basketball games. 

Hassan Williams(left), Tayari Venable (middle), Xavier Bonham (right) Photo by Mike Smith