BHSU Professor Inspires Others to Give By Giving

Amy Varland , Senior Editor

BHSU professor inspires others to give by giving

BlackHillsStateUniversity’s Behavioral Sciences Chair Dr. Jim Hessis pledging$1 million dollars of his own money to go towardsfuture student scholarships in the department’s “MakeADifference” initiative.

Hess sayshis inspiration to make thedonationcomesfrom his grandmother whostressed to himat an early agethe importance of giving back more than you take.

Hess sayscollege students often do not have the resourcesnecessaryto implement ideas they may have for community betterment. He sayshe hopes this money will help.

Hess saysthe money will be usedin partfor scholarships, but a portion of the money is also beingawarded toeligible students to completerelatedcommunity service projects.

Hess has been teaching at BHSU for the last 32 years.University officials say the $1 million dollar pledge equates to about 19 years of Dr. Hess’annualsalary.