CAB corner recaps semester achievements

The univerity’s Campus Activities Board has had a very busy and exciting semester. From Midday Music performances to Casino Night, and even community service projects like Wish to Remember, CAB is eager to start the new year with even more events that will draw students in.

This semester we have had more attendance at our events than we have had in the past three years. Students are eager to get back to normal on campus and we are excited to continue to provide that.

Next semester we hope to continue that, with new events that the campus has never seen before. Students are always welcome to stop by the SELC (Student Engagement & Leadership Center) and offer ideas for events they would like to see happen. Additionally, we are always accepting new members and would love to see more students involved on campus!

As always, you can follow CAB on Instagram and Tik Tok, or search for “BHSU CAB” on Facebook!